Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aidan in PA

I am not sure where I would be without technology.  This week I did something very brave, and Jerod has kept Aidan in Pennsylavina!  FOUR WHOLE days without my little man, just may be the death of me.  However between facetime, Tango & Skype, you better believe that I was talking/seeing him almost every hour.  I am very thankful do having such an amazing husband, which is such a good father.  I am also happy I live in a time where we have all this technology.  Although I wonder what Aidan thinks always looking at these screens with people on the other end!
This is Aidan listening to mom singing to him in the morning so I can get ready for work.

 Aidan facetime-ing with my dad. Channing is in the back ground.
This week Tangoing with my little man while he gets his bath.

Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm Back!!!

So, I think it is time to come back!  Life has been crazy (to say the least.) But as my sister and I begin our blog together (we will announce it soon!) I realized how much I missed blogging on my personal blog.  I want to come back!!  So I decided I am just going to start again.  Since the last time I have blogged we have had, Iraq, a massive wedding with about 500 showers, a pregnancy, a baby, house on the market, then off the market, then bought a lot, a job in New York & Pennsylvania, and numerous life changing events! I have had many people ask if I want going to pick up blogging again, and I kept saying no.  Well I lied, and I miss it so I am back! Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I killed it!

I did it!! I killed my first bee or wasp. Honestly, I cannot tell the difference. I have always told everyone that I was allergic to them (I have never been tested for this, so as of now it is a lie). Today I get home from yoga and it was staring at me, ready to attack! I was very scared, and Jerod was on Skype at the time. He told me to get a magazine a hit… (He acts as if he has not dated me for the last four years) you honestly think that I am going to walk up to the beast and swat it with a magazine! Therefore, I threw three magazines at it! I ACTUALLY HIT IT! Then I just kept throwing and throwing until I knew it was dead! Now I have a bunch of magazines on the floor and I am scared to pick them up, because what if the wasp/bee regains strength and attacks? What if I am allegric and bust out into hives and cannot breath! There are too many risks! These are the times I wish Jerod were here, so now I will just leave the magazines on the floor until Kayrin comes home.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Lenton Season Begins!

After my entire family got a good laugh from my email I sent on Lent I thought this would be funny to share with everyone...I do pre-warn you the S-word is used a lot in this email, so sorry if your offended and feel free not to read it! Otherwise Have a blessed day!

So…today is a very important day in the catholic faith. It is the beginning of Lent, its a great time for reflection and understanding the sacrifice of Jesus before we celebrate Easter. Many people know it as the time when Catholics give up something, but I am way too old to be giving up so I use it as a time to find a way to enrich my life and those around me.

So today, I got up, went to Church, got my ashes, worked out with Sherri, and then came home and even took Bosley for a walk! I cleaned the kitchen and picked up the living, just getting stuff done. Then I had the CRAZY idea to go outside and pooper scoop (Kent has been on my for weeks), I figured, God blessed me with a wonderful day off, I am able to get my life in order, why not!

My first mistake was putting my new Uggs on versus the old ones, I put on pants and of course gloves. Well the woman at Pet Smart made the claw seem like it was the EASY solution to cleaning poop. Obviously, I have never done this so the last time it was done was before Jerods deployment. I get out there and start picking up poop, its going okay, then it start to get a little messy.

So here I am banging the pooper scooper gently to get the poop off…fine…then I notice poop has been flying on my clothes from the tapping, not freaking yet…then I as I continue I realize that Bosley has calcified shit in the yard, did you know shit came in so many different forms? There was orange shit, green shit, red shit, slushy shit, frozen shit, wet shit, pointy shit, traditional brown shit, pebble shit, multicolor shit, and my favorite BLOB shit. I filled a bucket full of shit. Had shit on my clothes, shit stuck in my shoes and on the bottom of my pants…shit everywhere! Oh and the best part. We have a dinky little tree in our yard so I went over to break a branch off to clean my Uggs, and when I started pushing to scrap the shit out of my Uggs, I lost balance and fell and my left hand landed in shit, thank god I was wearing gloves!

You know I never had any desire to have a dog, ever! Never needed one, I barely pet the one I have, so as all of you as my witness…I will probably never clean shit again. So if Jerod for the rest of our lives feels the need to have a dog, he will be the only person cleaning shit, because honestly after today, I can live without one! I actually had the thought of giving bosley a BUTT PLUG until he learns to use the toilet!

Have a Blessed Day and I hope its not full of shit!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stuck Inside on a Snowy Day!

I told you I wouldn’t be gone for too long. So today I slide into a ditch! Which was not exciting but I wish I would have gotten a picture of my huge car in a ditch. After two hours I was saved by nice people passing by and then I went home! I was supposed to be working at the store today but there was no way I was driving all the way out there just to come home in the dark.

So I got a off day which was nice because I got to start collecting addresses for the big wedding celebration, finish my Thank you notes for all those who donated toys for the Family Readiness Group Christmas party, and I got to organize my office closest!! Yes you heard right my office has been completed. I have an awesome fiancé as you all know that had been working on this office before he left, however it was not done yet. Jerod did all the ruffin' in, electrical, and sheet rock. Then we had black textured tile put on the floor, and his dad GRACIOUSLY came in and finished painting the room, put shelves in the closest finished the trim, and finished the light fixtures. So I have an AWESOME future father in law as well, although I would forget to feed him. Anyway, I am so excited!! So here are a couple of pictures. I am waiting on ordering my office furniture until Jerod comes home I already have one piece and just need a couple more! Here are a couple of Pics!
Office Fan that acts more like a spot light
My one piece of office furniture
This is the closet devoted to scrap booking and gift wrapping!!

This is the accent wall

After the wedding we are going to make this a wine cellar, it will have a glass door and wine racks. I know how posh of us right! haha! We are trying to become wine connoisseurs, we do live on a golf course after all!This is looking in from the downstairs living room!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Woah! It's been a long time my friends! I have done such a bad job the last part of the year with blogging. But between my 3 jobs, being the Family Support Group Lead, and trying to plan a wedding, I do not have much time for blogging. We are officially half-way through the deployment! Which is amazing! Wedding planning is going great, I have some amazing vendors that are making the whole process easier. Although in case you did not not I lost all the information I had on my USB, this had all of graduate school, everything from my sexual health educator days, all the PhD application info, and of course the entire wedding! Everything was lost! On the bright side I have now been able to start fresh with the wedding only putting the necessary things I need in the wedding file that is now saved on my computer....that I back up every time I even think about opening the file.

I apologize more to my friends moms for not keeping them up to date, because lets be real they read the blog more that my friends do! So I promise to do better, I also have had a ton of people tell me that I should put the different projects I am doing for the wedding on the blog. I am a DETAIL JUNKIE these days when it comes to the wedding. So I will share some of my secrets...and its okay to copy, because honestly, Weddings are EXPENSIVE! WE need all the help we can get in cost saving! Anyway, I will be back soon, as in a couple of days, not months. In addition, THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who send Jerod boxes and sent the soldiers Christmas gifts, that is wonderful and I LOVE YOU FOR IT!

Monday, October 5, 2009


After many long months and many long training days, I have finally arrived in Kuwait only to find we have another 2 weeks of waiting and training before we make it to the big show. Kuwait is exactly like I remember it HOT. Let me reflect back to the first time I came here. We flew over on a chartered 747 double-decker plane, TV screens in each seat, good meals, and comfortable seats. This time we flew over on Ryan Air, anyone other than the people outside the US probably have never heard of that. The plane looked like it was from the 70’s. I flew in first class, but it felt more like economy. We had a re-fuel stop in Germany, which was nice; I was able to actually stand up and stretch out. When we finally got to Kuwait it was 5 a.m. and it was already 91 degrees. Again, Kuwait is like I remember but the bases have changed tremendously. On base there is a Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Charlie’s Steak, and Hole in One. The chow halls are amazing, I thought I was going to get over her and get back into good shape, the way it is going right now I am going to get even fatter than I am now. The PX here is like a normal PX on any base, you are able to buy plasma screen TV’s and laptops. I would like to say it’s pretty luxurious but I still have to remember this is not where we will be for the next year. Although, I have heard it is pretty nice where we will be. I hope you all continue to check in, as Jessica has instructed me to write a lot on her. Miss you all!!!!!